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Our team of dedicated staff members consists of 5 office staff and 1 maintenance man who run the daily needs of LCCOA.  We also have several drivers for our Senior Transportation and 3 employees from other agencies that work with us.
With a small staff like ours everyone lends a hand in just about everything we do and are constantly learning from one another.  Non-profits like ours do not have the luxury of a large staffing budget so we strive to do all that we can within the means we are given.
Get to know our staff below.


Key People

Committed to the Cause

Susan Lawler LCCOA Staff 11-13-20.jpg

 Susan Lawler

Executive Dire

Heart & Hands

Board of Directors

Bonnie O'Connell - Chair/ LaDonna Groshans - Vice Chair/ Kristin Carlson - Secretary/ Cindy Gabany/  Roberta Lemoine/ Nina Mardauss/ Cheryl Smith/ Terry Stephenitch

Samantha Harazin

Elder Benefits Specialist

Samantha - LCCOA Staff 3-31-2020.jpg

Marisa Perales

Office Manager

Marisa - LCCOA Staff 4-2-2020.jpg
Aaliyah - LCCOA BEST Staff 3-31-2020.jpg

Aaliyah Baker

Assistant to the Post House Ballroom

Aaliyah is our youngest worker, having just graduated high school. This young hard working lady has it together and radiates energy and strength when working in the Post House Ballroom, eager to take on any task she is given.

Marty pic.jpg

Marty Hammonds


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Our Drivers

Jim - LCCOA Staff 3-25-2020.jpg

Jim Druin

Jim is one of our full time driver, rejoining us after a hiatus, in January 2020, after hearing that we brought Senior Transportation back to LCCOA.
Jim's first love of senior transportation began over 10 years ago.  Serving the seniors of Lee County with his smile and charm.  He can be seen most days of the week on our regular in town routes.

Connie - LCCOA Staff 4-2-2020.jpg

Connie Edson

Connie comes to us from Lifescape Inc. where she was a driver and kitchen aid.  Connie has a food handling certificate, but has a deeper passion for our senior transportation. Joining us at the end of October 2019 as a full time driver, she too has grown to know many of our senior friends. With a welcoming smile upon her face as you board our buses you're sure to have a pleasant ride with Connie.

Mike - LCCOA Staff 3-31-2020.jpg

Mike Dingus

Mike has been with us since May 2018, transitioning with us as we brought Senior Transportation back to LCCOA in October 2019. As one of our full time drivers Mike has grown to know many of our friends that we transport each week.  A quiet man, but focused and dedicated to fulfilling your travel needs.


Mary Lacy

Mary joined us in December 2019 and is one of our part time/relieve drivers, always willing to take on a route. You can most often see Mary from Sublette to Paw Paw, traveling in our out of town routes.


Working Together

Members of our LCCOA family that are employed by the ABLE, BEST and HUGES programs.

Terry Christian


Chelsea Steele

Assistant to Outreach

April Reed

Assistant to The Office Manager


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